The Mingler is a building-only Sellbot cog. It is the 7th cog on the Sellbot ladder, succeeding Two-Face and preceeding Mr. Hollywood. Their lowest Level is 7, while their highest is 11. Because of their building-only status, The Minglers can only be found in high Sellbot buildings, the Sellbot Factory and the Sellbot V.P. battle. It can only be found on streets during The Mingler invasions.


  • Sellbot Factory
  • Sellbot Towers
  • Sellbot Buildings
  • Anywhere during a The Mingler invasion.

Battle Phrases

  • "Well, isn't this cozy?"
  • "You're mingling with defeat."
  • "You don't know who you're mingling with."
  • "Let's mingle."
  • "Ever mingled with the likes of me?"
  • "Good, it takes two to Mingle."
  • "I'm going to mingle in your business."


  • Tee Off
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Buzz Word
  • Schmooze
  • Power Trip


  • The Minglers have a feminine look, similarly to Name Dropper, Micromanager and Number Cruncher.
  • The Minglers are notorious for their extremely damaging attacks, specifically their Paradigm Shift attack, which deals 24 damage at Level 11. Because this attack hits all Toons, The Minglers are arguably the strongest Cog in the whole game.
  • The Minglers are also notorious for the tasks in Daisy Gardens that require getting items from them, specifically sprockets and a Key to Daisy Gardens.