Short Change is the lowest cog on the Cashbot corporate ladder. Their levels range from one to five.


Short Changes' base appearance is short and cylindrical like Cold Callers. Their heads are a medium shade of blue; their hands are much lighter, however. They have a dark blue buzz cut. Their facial expression is seen frowning with their eyes closed. They are very similar to Cold Callers but with lighter shades of blue and a Cashbot suit.


Starting Battle Phrases

    • "I'll be with you shortly."
    • "I'll make short work of you."
    • "You're about to have money trouble."
    • "I think you've been shorted."
    • "Let's make this a short stop."
    • "You're about to be overcharged."
    • "I have a short temper for Toons."
    • "I think you've come up short."
    • "This will be a short-term assignment."
    • "I'm going to Short Change you."
    • "You'll soon experience a shortfall."