The Micromanager is the fourth Bossbot on the Bossbot Corporate Ladder. The Micromanager is the shortest of all cogs, and the lowest level cog in the C.E.O. battle. The Micromanager's signature attack is Demotion. The Micromanager's levels ranges from 4 - 8.


Battle Phrases

  • I'm the boss.
  • I think you need some managing.
  • Pardon me if I drone on.
  • Not so sunny now, are you Toon?
  • Don't make me laugh.
  • Can you read my writing?
  • I call this a lightning attack.
  • Don't make me stop this meeting.
  • How about a few rain DROPS?
  • You're moving down the corporate ladder.
  • You're in a dead end position.


  • Demotion
  • Brain Storm
  • Finger Wag


  • The Micromanager is the fourth cog on the Bossbot Corporate Ladder
  • The Micromanager is the shortest cog in Toontown.
  • Since a Micromanager is so short, you can jump over one.
  • In Toontown, Micromanagers appear feminine
    • However, on the trading card, the Micromanager appears masculine.