Cold Caller

The Cold Caller is the lowest cog of the Sellbot corporate ladder. They range from level one to level 5.


Cold Callers' base appearance is short and cylindrical like Short Changes. Their heads have a dark shade of blue. Their hands are much lighter, however. They have a buzz cut and their facial expression is seen frowning with their eyes closed. They look very similar to Short Changes but with darker shade of blue and a Sellbot suit.


Starting Battle Phrases

  • "Boy, did you get your wires crossed."
  • "I was hoping you'd answer my call."
  • "You rang?"
  • "I'm going to cause a ringing sensation."
  • "This call is going to cost you."
  • "You've got big trouble on the line."
  • "Surprised to hear from me?"
  • "Are you ready to accept my charges?"
  • "This caller always collects."
  • "I'm one smooth operator."
  • "Hold the phone -- I'm here."
  • "Have you been waiting for my call?"
  • "I always make my calls direct."

Name of origin

A Cold Caller is someone who tries to sell products of services to a person, most commonly through the telephone, without the person expecting the call. This is very similar to Telemarketing.